vegan recipes

vegan recipes chili and lime veggie burger

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All the recipes on this site are tried and tested.
They are either original or a version of some
well known classic.  

The style, cooking techniques and influence
for these tasty offerings are wide and varied.
Many recipes embrace the fragrant and exotic
delights found across the globe, especially the
Middle East and India such as the stunning
‘Persian date roll’.

However, staple recipes from Northern Europe
have not been ignored. For example; the very
popular and delicious ‘vegan onion gravy’ or
‘vegan cottage pie’ In fact, explore the site and
discover some more English comfort food or the
perfect dish to impress your friends.
Vegan recipes - Italian mushroom pate Chapatis
Mushroom Pate
Carrot & Coconut Pate
Potatoes z kminkiem
Potatoes z kminkiem
vegan recipes chili and lime veggie burger

Some great recipes to try

Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes

Chili & Lime veggie Burger
Courgette Paella
Courgette Paella
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